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Elegant Outdoor Living Areas Start with the Right Actiwin Furniture

As more casual furniture designers like Actiwin Furniture start designing and building elegant outdoor furniture, homeowners are able to decorate an opulent outdoor living area. While many people entertain outdoors during the warmer months, with comfortable patio furniture a homeowner can entertain in an outdoor environment year round. From choosing cushioned loveseats to oversized patio chairs, the choices available today are a far cry from the common plastic beach chairs often found on patios and porches.

The Importance of the Right Outdoor Furniture

One of the key aspects of a comfortable, inviting outdoor area is the furniture. Not only will furniture visually attract guests, but it will keep them lingering longer. The designers at Actiwin Furniture offer a variety of colorful, inviting patio furniture made from different materials that not only look great outside but withstand different weather elements.

When choosing the furniture, it’s important to choose a material that is sturdy but beautiful. If the furniture will spend the majority of the time outside, it needs to be heavy enough to withstand wind and rain without rotting or breaking. It should also be able to withstand large amounts of sunshine without extreme fading or cracking. No matter how beautiful the outside area is, if the furniture looks weathered it won’t be as appealing to friends and family.

Wicker is a common choice, and many designers offer stronger wicker furniture by using an aluminum frame covered by weather resistant wicker. Cast aluminum is the next most popular choice, with the aluminum being able to be painted or finished to look like other materials such as wood or stone.

Cushions and Accessories

Once the furniture is chosen, it’s time to pick out complementary cushions and accessories. There are both solid colored and patterned cushions, and the material is commonly a cotton blend that can withstand different weather conditions. While bright colors are eye-pleasing, it’s important that there is a unified color palette in order to make the outside area inviting. One way to do this is to choose solid colored furniture cushions and add patterned pillows.

Accessories include tables, fire pits, patio umbrellas, and storage boxes. Most retailers offer matching sets, but it is possible to mix and match pieces and still have a unified feel to the outdoor seating area. Fire pits are great for places that have cooler nights, and the design of the pit can enhance the overall comfortable feeling of the seating area. A storage box is great for storing pillows, blankets, toys, and books.

Matching the Flooring

Deciding what type of flooring to choose can help tie all of the furniture pieces together. If the area is completely outside, it may work to place it directly on the grass or on a brick or stone patio area. If the area is enclosed with screen or windows, an all-weather carpet may work best. When shopping retailers such as Actiwin Furniture, make sure the fabric chosen for the furniture won’t clash with the flooring. If it’s not possible to replace the flooring, remember to take into consideration the floor when choosing fabric style and color.