Jensen Leisure Furniture – The Manufacturing Process Makes All the Difference

Instead of purchasing outdoor furniture that will fall apart within a few years, look to Jensen Leisure Furniture for heirloom quality products that will withstand the test of time. Being able to hand down your furniture from generation to generation says something about the quality of a product. With an eye on environmental stewardship, this company uses top designers and engineers to create furniture made from Ipé wood specially cultivated in Bolivia, according to the responsible forestry standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The Wood Makes a Difference

Bolivia boasts many forests with a variety of timber species; however, it is the Ipé that is most desirable for the creation of Jensen Leisure Furniture. Every piece of wood harvested is certified by the FSC. Ipé is quite desirable for furniture production because it is a powerful, dense wood that can withstand a lot of use. This type of lumber naturally defies decay and rot as well as repels insects, mould, and even fire.

One of the defining characteristics of Ipé wood is its naturally luxurious dark brown colour. In fact, Jensen craftsmen do not apply any type of wood stain to this wood, only a protective clear coating to safeguard it from the destructive ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The Manufacturing Process

Once the Ipé is harvested from FSC certified forests, the heartwood of each log is cultivated. Only the oldest of Ipé trees produce a heartwood within the log that is structurally stable. This strong core is necessary for the strength and integrity of each Jensen piece as it will need to withstand various seasonal weather changes from hot, dry periods to cold, snowy ones.

To ensure generation after generation of outdoor use, the wood is slowly kiln dried over a matter of weeks to reduce the moisture content. This process conditions the Ipé wood so that it will not splinter, split or develop movement in the furniture joints. In addition, Jensen does not rely on nuts, bolts, screws or nails alone in the furniture building process. Interlocking mortise and tenon construction is used as well as wood dowel joints to form tight, solid connections between each piece. You will not experience wobbling or instability with any Jensen product.

A Wide Range of Products

If you are in the market to outfit your outdoor living space, Jensen offers a full line of patio furniture suitable for a variety of uses. Do you want a place to lounge around your pool? The chaise lounge or Atlantic Steamer with footrest would be a great furniture addition. A casual al fresco dining area can be created from various Jensen outdoor products. You can choose between tall tables that require bar stools to standard height tables with a number of different complementary chair lines.

Maintenance for any Jensen Leisure Furniture product is minimal. Occasional applications of Ipé wood protectant will ensure that wood surfaces remain a lovely chocolate brown. With an eye on design and a heart on environmental responsibility, Jensen shines in the world of outdoor furniture.

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