Summer Classics Patio Furniture

Create an Outdoor Living Area by the Beach or Pool with Summer Classics Furniture – Fitness Lifestyles NJ Patio Showroom

Summertime is when everyone wants to be out by the pool or the beach. With so many people owning pools or having a beachside home, it’s important to purchase outdoor furniture that’s meant to withstand temperature changes, moisture, and sea salt. Summer Classics designs a large selection of outdoor furniture meant to stand the test of time. In fact, Summer Classics believes that your taste in style may change long before the furniture starts to show signs of wear. Using unique manufacturing processes, you get handcrafted poolside furniture that will create a stunning outdoor living area for guests and family.

Choosing the Right Material

Summer Classics specializes in wicker, aluminum, teak, and iron furniture. The cast aluminum pieces are handcrafted by carpenters who first create intricate wood designs. The wood acts as a mold for the cast aluminum, giving many of the pieces intricate designs and accents. To protect some of the collections, Summer Classics uses something called Resysta, which is a resin made from rice husks, salt, and mineral oil. It’s environmentally friendly while protecting your furniture from outdoor elements at the same time.

Teak is the material perfect for those wanting a seaside patio area. Designed to withstand the constant battering of salt water and salt air, teak furniture will look beautiful and last for years to come. Many of the wicker designs have teak accents, so it’s the perfect blend of materials to create a stunning look. The cushions offered by Summer Classics will withstand fading, pulling, and wear for years, while at the same time offering a soft, comfortable place to sit and relax.

Purchase Whole Sets or by the Piece

The best thing about creating an outdoor living area is shopping for complementary pieces. While you can purchase a matching set that includes everything you need, some people prefer to shop a la carte and buy each piece separately. You may also just want to add on to your existing patio set, so you don’t need to purchase an entire collection.

Summer Classics offers bar stools, bars, tabletops, patio umbrellas, and accessory pieces. You can mix and match different pieces by color, design, or material, giving your outdoor living area an eclectic look. Remember that you don’t need to have a designated outdoor living area. You can scatter beautiful pieces of furniture all around the pool area, and just have a small sitting area off to the side.

Accessory Pieces

Summer Classics offers numerous accessory pieces for your outdoor living area. Lamps, benches, and storage spaces make perfect accessories and give your outdoor space a home-like feel. Storage pieces can match your furniture, while providing the necessary space for towels, sun block, and pool toys. You don’t have to rely on a huge, plastic container to store your items. Keep it classy and sophisticated with complementary storage pieces and lamps to further enhance your outdoor living space. With Summer Classics, you have so many options that the only thing you need is time to shop.