Telescope Casual Furniture

Telescope Furniture – Use Casual Furniture to Decorate Inside and Out

At places like Telescope Casual Furniture, shoppers can find furniture choices for both inside and outside their home. The newer casual furniture is luxurious enough to create an elegant outdoors seating area and affordable enough to decorate a sunroom or den. Casual furniture used to be designated strictly for outside use, with most people decorating the area around their pools or patios. The newer fabrics and materials used on the furniture have elevated both the look and feel of current designs.

There are loveseats, end tables, coffee tables, storage units, daybeds, and couches available from casual furniture retailers. The chairs, seats, and beds all need cushions in order to be functional, and this is the area where homeowners can add their own personal style to a room. Cushions are available in a variety of colors and prints, and many retailers like Telescope Casual Furniture carry pillows that either match or complement the cushion material.

Mix and Match Pieces

The best part about redecorating is the ability to mix and match pieces. Homeowners need to be careful that their eagerness to add their own style to a room doesn’t leave them with a room of mismatched furniture. To start, pick one or two styles of furniture. Then choose pieces made from different materials that complement each other. For example, wicker and glass are a good pairing, as is wood and wicker.

To make the most of current furniture in the house see if there are any pieces that can be moved into the room and then purchase new pieces that complement the current pieces. For example, a wood coffee table can be paired with a brand new wicker rocking chair lined with a large colorful cushion. Unorganized storage such as cubby shelves or a big plastic box can be replaced by an aluminum frame wicker box. The box can double as a seating area by placing a flat, colorful cushion on top.

Moving the Outside to the Inside

If designing an outside seating area that will only be used in the summer months, consider where the furniture will go during the winter. There are plastic covers available for most pieces of patio furniture, but it’s neither decorative nor practical to have the furniture sitting out in the elements all winter. If possible, consider moving the furniture from the outside to the inside.

In order to do this, the furniture must be comfortable and inviting when placed inside. When shopping for outside furniture, make sure each piece will transfer to the inside room and feel just as comfortable and inviting as it does outside. Look for cushioned rocking chairs, glass top tables, wicker coffee tables, and even chaise loungers. While a chaise lounger may not seem like an inside piece, when decorated with a blanket throw and a handful of silk pillows, it works well as an easy lounger for reading or watching television.

For rooms with a bar, such as a kitchen or basement game room, remember to purchase at least two bar style chairs so that there is extra seating at the bars during the winter months when the entertaining will happen inside. When shopping for high end casual furniture, such as that offered by Telescope Casual Furniture, remember that it is possible to shop for both inside and outside.