How to Choose the Right Treasure Garden Patio Umbrella

There are a lot more choices available for patio umbrellas than in years past. Retailers like Treasure Garden Patio Umbrellas strive to create award-winning umbrellas and unique design functions. With all of these new innovative umbrellas, the options available can seem overwhelming.

You may already be familiar with the patio umbrellas that come as part of a table set. However, these umbrellas don’t usually provide many options for the selection of stand material or umbrella fabric. A consumer is stuck with the small amount of options available from the retailer. With specialty umbrella designers like Treasure Garden Patio Umbrellas catering to patio consumers, you are now able to research the type of umbrella that fits your needs.

Choosing the Stand

While it’s possible to purchase an umbrella for a table and stick it into the ground or balance it on the knots in a wooden deck, a stand is the best choice for stabilizing your umbrella and providing ample coverage. Common stand materials include aluminum, steel, iron, or plastic. The bases can be round or square. Designs are usually simple, solid-colored bases. There are more decorative options, with the stand having an engraved design or other artistic feature.

When choosing a stand, make sure the size and style will sit solidly on the ground. This depends on the flooring material of your patio. For carpeted floors, any style will work. For uneven flooring, such as brick or grass, a round style may work better at fitting into grooves or uneven areas than a square shape. If you’re choosing a freestanding umbrella rather than a table umbrella, make sure the size and width is suitable to cover your seating area.

Umbrella Fabric and Materials

The next step is choosing the best umbrella fabric for your needs. You want the umbrella colors to mesh with your patio furniture, so it’s important to factor in the fabric colors when making your decision. The most common umbrella fabric is acrylic and manufacturers will dye the acrylic in a variety of colors. Acrylic is weather resistant and often comes in colors and styles that match current outdoor furniture designs. Polyester is another fabric option and is slightly more affordable than the acrylic umbrellas.

When making fabric choices, check the warranty for guarantees against weathering, mildew, or breakage. Some umbrellas may only have a one year warranty while others will be guaranteed for up to five years. To protect your investment, you should avoid any umbrella that has no warranty.

Umbrella Poles and Accessories

The last decision to make is what type of opening system you want, and whether or not you want any accessories. Simple openers such as the easy track by Treasure Garden Patio Umbrellas, allow you to use one simple motion to open and close the umbrella. A pulley system works much like a pair of blinds, where you must pull a small rope to operate the umbrella. Cranks are often seen on freestanding umbrellas, and are the easiest way to open up oversized umbrellas. Some smaller umbrellas also have a crank near the bottom of the pole for opening. When deciding on an opening system, choose the one that offers the most ease at opening and closing the umbrella, along with a sturdy locking mechanism once the umbrella is open.

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